Brand | lynphalife



Lynphalife is an italian brand of cosmetics combining the Italian art of cosmetic making, the most exclusive natural resources and innovative techniques in the development of new formula.
The product lines are produced by specialized laboratories leader in the transformation of officinal plants with more than 30 years’ experience. The dedicated research on active natural principles, guarantees the creation of effective cosmetics in terms of regenerating and curative effect.

The philosophy of the brand is profoundly inspired to Italian nature and its respect. These are the principles of Lynphalife cosmetic formula where the high quality of the material is blended with high technical competence to provide the market with compelling cosmetic even for the most demanding audience, donating sensational feeling and effective result on every skin types.


The company works under rigorous quality, transparency and ethic regulation. To guarantee the highest standard of the products it voluntarily undertook the evaluation of professional and independent certificate institution.
All ingredients are extracted from italian plants, cultivated with certificated organic farming technique according to the Reg. (CE) 834/2007 norm and are free of chemical solvents and bacterial contamination. Every passage during the producting process is controlled: the plants are gathered during the balsamic period and dried up naturally to keep their active ingredients. The tranformation phase is carried out through innovative techniques and every passage, from the seeding until the packed product, is subject of strict supervision. To guarantee the highest quality of its cosmetics, Lynphalife:
  • accurately select the plants based on their effectiveness and security, gentle enough to work on all skins types
  • follow a strict production process accomplishing the most strict hygienic and sanitarian standards